6 Ways Your Soul Communicates with You and How to Receive Its Messages

Learn to receive messages from your soul

Your soul speaks to you all the time. Do you hear it?

Some call the language of the soul intuition. Others call it the Still Small Voice or a gut feeling.

For the average person, understanding how the soul communicates…and hearing or feeling its messages…feels challenging. In fact, many people insist their souls don’t communicate with them at all, but that’s just not true.

They simply aren’t paying attention or don’t know how to hear its voice or feel its guidance. So, let’s explore six ways your soul communicates with you.

How Your Soul Speaks to You

Knowing how your soul communicates with you helps you receive its messages. And you may get messages in all six ways or only one. Once you become more aware, you’ll figure out your soul’s communication style—or the one you can most decipher. Then you can communicate consistently.

1. Intuition

I believe intuition is the language of the soul. Often this subtle inner voice sounds like you, which is why it is so easy to miss. You hear something and write it off as just a thought. Actually, it’s your soul speaking to you.

Sometimes intuition is perceived as a gut feeling—a sensation in your stomach. Other times, your hair stands up on your arms or neck, your ears ring, or you experience some different physical experience, like a sudden pain in your knee.

Additionally, intuition can come through as a fleeting thought or hunch. You have to be paying close attention to notice it. On the other hand, it could show up as a recurrent thought you can’t push out of your mind.

2. Inner Peace and Alignment

If you’ve ever suddenly felt a sense of calm, peace, or alignment, that’s your soul also speaking to you. Typically, this experience happens when you are doing something or making choices.

If the activity or choice resonates with your spiritual and authentic self, your inner state changes positively. You feel content and tranquil even if you are in the midst of chaos or felt upset moments before. That’s your soul saying, “Yes! That’s right! That’s the path that is for your highest good!”

3. Synchronicity and Signs

Sometimes your soul tries to get your attention using synchronicity and signs. For example, you might become aware of repetitive numbers, such as looking at the clock and seeing 11:11. When that happens, notice what you are doing or thinking. Your soul is asking you to pay attention.

Your soul could “send” you an animal as a sign. You could see a snake…even more than once. You could then look up the spiritual meaning of that animal to understand your soul’s message.

Maybe someone’s name is mentioned several times in a day or week. Such occurrences are gentle nudges from your spiritual side to pay attention and take action.

4. Dreams

Dreams offer a direct communication channel with your soul. When you sleep, your spiritual self paints upon the canvas of your mind. That’s why learning how to remember your dreams is so important.

The images, symbols, stories, and experiences you have while sleeping are your soul talking to you. Exploring what your dreams mean can offer profound insights, lessons, and guidance.

And if you have recurring dreams or dreams with recurrent themes, pay attention! Your soul is repeatedly trying to tell you something or illuminate areas of your life requiring attention.

5. Passion, Inspiration, and Creativity

If you feel passionate, inspired, or creative, it’s highly likely your soul is telling you to pursue that path or endeavor. For instance, if you develop a passion for baking, your soul may be directing you toward this pastime. Or if you get inspired to write a book or create a nonprofit, it is guiding you toward such a pursuit. The same goes for a sudden creative burst; your soul is pushing you toward that activity.

Additionally, you might speak through the process or result of your creativity. In that creative flow, you are in communion with your soul. You unlock a new communication path with your soul when you engage in artistic endeavors like painting, writing, dancing, or music. Indeed, sometimes you hear the messages more clearly and loudly when doing something creative.

6. Physical and Emotional Sensations

Your soul also communicates with you through physical and emotional feelings. This type of message could feel good or bad.

For instance, you might break a bone. Then, look up the meaning of a broken bone…and specifically the bone you broke) in Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body.) Or you could get a migraine or stub your toe. Again, look up the meaning!

But you also could experience a shiver down your spine, a sudden itchy place on your skin, or your hair standing up on your arms. These more pleasant sensations are also your soul communicating with you.

And then there are emotions. You could suddenly feel happy, less stressed, or grateful. On the opposite side of the coin, you could feel internal tension, uneasiness, or restlessness.

Tune into these bodily messages, which are your soul’s way of getting your attention and guiding you toward soul-aligned experiences and decisions.

How to Listen to Your Soul

Your soul cannot communicate with you all day long if you aren’t listening. You have to pay attention if you want to receive its messages.

How do you do that?

  • Stay conscious and aware. Keep the six communication methods mentioned above in mind at all times. Look for them. Pay attention!
  • Be present. If your mind is in the past or future, you’ll miss the messages. If you remain present, you’ll more easily notice them.
  • Keep a journal. If you record the messages you receive, your soul will send more. And you will train yourself to notice them.
  • Trust. If you get a message, act on it. That’s trust. And it tells your soul you are paying attention. And don’t question if it’s a message; assume it is.
  • Be quiet and still. It’s easier to hear your soul if you stop all the doing and turn down the noise.

Receiving and understanding your soul’s language is a deeply personal and introspective journey. But you can receive your its messages. When you do, nurture this connection, and let your soul guide you.

And remember: your soul is part of you, not something outside of you. So, if nothing else works, simply turn your attention inward. Ask for guidance, and listen carefully. You will receive a message.

How do you receive messages from your soul? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with a friend or on social media.

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  1. My cheek under my left eye start twitching while i was reading about soul. Thanks for the great message.

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