How Fear Stops You From Creating What You Want

Fear stops you from manifesting what you want.

If you are trying to create what you want but not seeing the results of these efforts, there’s likely a good reason. You are afraid.

You can’t create what you want from a place of fear. When you are afraid, you create what you fear…not what you desire.

You may not realize you are afraid. Your fearful thoughts might be running subconsciously in your mind. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have the power to put the kibosh on your attempts at deliberate creation.

Your Fearful and Creative Thoughts and Words

Think about it…(no pun intended).

If thoughts and words are creative, which they are, then thinking or speaking about what you fear brings your fears into your reality. You simply manifest precisely what you fear by thinking about that fear and saying, “I am afraid of ___.”

You probably find yourself imagining experiencing what you fear, right? Well, your imagined scenario is created with your mind’s eye and your thoughts.

And thoughts consist of words, as do spoken sentences. Then, your imagination adds pictures to your experience of what you fear. And, before you know it, you’ve created what you do not want.

Also, if what you desire has its foundation in fear—or remaining safe—you create a stronger fear-based foundation. For instance, if you want more income because you are afraid you will go bankrupt, your focus is on going bankrupt. You’ll find it hard to create more income because that attempt at conscious creation reinforces your fear of going bankrupt.

Simple Intentional Creation Lessons

If you don’t know much about the Law of Attraction or deliberate and intentional creation—also called manifestation, let me provide a brief lesson.

First, what you think about expands.

You may have heard this concept said in other ways, such as:

  • You are where your thoughts are.
  • What you think about comes about.
  • Where your attention goes, energy flows.
  • Your thoughts are creative.

The basic idea is simple: The more you think a thought, the more of that thought you create—in your mind and reality.

Second, words are creative.

Your thoughts consist of words, and words are creative. Thus, your thoughts are creative.

And everything is created by the mind—your mind and Divine Mind.

You may have heard it said that we speak our lives into existence. That’s because words have a creative ability.

Third, when you focus on what you want with emotion, you put energy into its creation.

Emotion is energy in motion. Recall that where your attention goes, energy flows. So, when you focus on your desire and feel all the emotions of having it already…right now, you advance the creation process. You flow powerful energy toward that process.

Fourth, act “as if” you have what you want.

The fundamental “secret” of the law of attraction revolves around being what you want as already existing in your life. You can’t “want” it; you must “have” it.

That’s why you must focus on what you desire with great emotion AND see it as already manifested. And then you have to behave as if you already have what you want.

Your mindset and behavior must be that of someone who already has what you want.

Avoidance of Fear Creates Your Fear

If your underlying emotion is fear, you may be creating to avoid what you fear. If we continue with the previous example, if you are afraid of bankruptcy, you want more income to avoid bankruptcy.

You probably realize many of your desires are ways to avoid what you don’t want. And your focus isn’t on creating what you want but not creating what you fear.

For example, perhaps you want to create a harmonious marriage because you fear your partner will ask for a divorce if you don’t. Underlying your desire is fear. And you likely have more emotion around not wanting your partner to leave than you do around a harmonious marriage. So, what do you think you create? Of course…you manifest your partner leaving.

Let’s look at a career example. If you are afraid you will get fired, you might decide to improve your job performance. Maybe you want to be voted “Employee of the Month.” That’s your desire, but underneath is your fear of getting fired. And that fear has more emotion around it than the desire to be recognized for your job performance. And you think about losing your job more often than receiving that award. So, eventually, you create getting fired.

Or perhaps your focus is health-related: you exercise and eat a healthy diet daily because you want to be healthy and live a long, active life. Actually, you do these things because you are afraid that you’ll have a heart attack if you don’t. After all, your dad, like mine, died of a heart attack at a young age. Then, you are surprised when the doctor says you have high cholesterol and an arrhythmia, both of which put you at risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Go figure.

4 Ways to Create from Desire vs. Fear

At this point, you might be wondering how to create from desire versus fear. If so, try these five ways, which I have found helpful.

1. Get clear about what you fear.

You have to have an awareness of what you most fear. The reason why you are afraid is much less important than clarity on the worries you carry with you most often.

More often than not, your fears are subconscious. You have no awareness of them. Yet, they are making it hard for you to create what you want.

In other words, they are in a blind spot. If you turn to see into that blind spot better, your fears come into view. Then you can address them.

2. Determine if your fear is warranted.

Fears exist in your mind and revolve around future potential experiences—unless a mountain lion is chasing you. Thus, they aren’t real, and you have no proof they will materialize.

Don’t believe me? Answer these questions:

  • Do you know your fear will definitely happen in the future?
  • Is what you fear happening now?
  • Are you safe in this moment?

In 90% of all cases, your answers to these questions will be “no.” Thus, your fear is unwarranted.

3. Get clear about what you want.

Imagine you can wave a magic wand and make all your fears disappear. What would you want then…if you had no fear?

Do you want to remain in your marriage or relationship? Do you want your job? Do you want to be healthy?

What you desire when fearless tends to differ from what you want when you feel afraid.

4. Be present.

Fear is a focus on an unwanted future.

What’s the solution? Stop focusing on the future. Instead, be present.

When you stay in the moment, you realize you are safe right now. That’s what matters.

And your creative power lies in the moment. I just finished a training for Inspired Creator Community members on this topic. You can’t create in the past or the future. So, if you are afraid you will repeat the past in the future, you’ve given away all your creative power.

5. Focus on what you want now, and see it as “done.”

Use your creative power. In the present moment, focus on what you want as if you have already created it.

Imagine you have what you want now. Use all your senses to imagine how lovely it is to experience your creation.

If your mind wanders to the past or the future and not having what you want, take a deep breath and get present. Try again.

And then act “as if” you are a person who has created what you want. Be that person.

Change your Focus to Eliminate Your Fear

Whenever you find yourself feeling fearful, focus on your desire. Focus on having no fear and being courageous. Put your attention on going after what you want.

Be a creator. Know that you are creating all the time. And choose to create from a place of courage, belief, and commitment to your desire.

And know that fear is a brain-based function. Your brain wants to keep you safe, making you afraid so you don’t change…anything.

Therefore, when you want something, your brain works against you. It likes everything to stay the same—even if your current circumstances don’t help you thrive.

And if you have bought into that fear, it will intensify it. Then, your focus on your fear draws to you what you don’t want.

You can control your mind. It is possible to achieve mental mastery when you realize you are the thinker of your thoughts and begin choosing which thoughts to place your attention on.

Stop thinking about fearful things and creating from a fear-based place. Instead, think about what you want and having it.

Do you believe you create from fear?

Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with a friend or on social media.

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