Why You Need Commitment, Belief, and Courage to Create Your Desires

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Looking for manifestation secrets? A quick Google search will produce many links leading you to hidden information to help you create your desires. Many of those strategies work, yet most lack a few foundational pieces. Specifically, they don’t mention the importance of commitment, belief, and courage in the creation process.

Focused attention, visualization, affirmations, and high vibrations help you manifest your dreams and desires. But they aren’t enough.

Typically, the thing stopping you from creating what you want is your mindset and habits. That’s why putting time and attention into your personal and spiritual growth helps you attract what you want. Do that, and you can increase your level of commitment, belief, and courage.

If you aren’t committed, don’t have high levels of faith or belief, and fail to act boldly, you’ll find it challenging to create your desire. That’s why it’s imperative to level up in these areas if necessary.

Nachshon and the Creation Process

I recently was reminded of the importance of these three elements—commitment, belief, and courage—in the creation process. I attended a religious service, and the person leading told one of my favorite biblical stories.

This powerful tale shares the actions of Nachshon ben Aminadav, a prince of the tribe of Judah and brother-in-law of Aaron, the high priest, at the shore of the Red Sea. This story is a midrash—a tale crafted to fill a gap in the Old Testament—and is found in the Talmud.

After the pharaoh released the Israelites from Egypt, he changed his mind and sent his army after them. The Israelites found themselves trapped at the shore of the Red Sea, with the Egyptian army fast approaching.

Moses assured the Israelites that God would save them. Yet, all the people saw was the water on one side, the army on the other, and their leader praying to God.

They didn’t believe Moses and lacked faith in God.

Nachshon decided to take bold action and demonstrate his belief and faith. So, he stepped into the sea. He courageously walked into the water until it was up to his knees…then his chest…then his nose. With total commitment, Nachshon took another step…just as Moses raised his staff.

That’s when the waters parted. Together, Moses and Nachschon created a miracle.

But Nachschon’s commitment, belief, and courage made the difference. It ultimately allowed the Israelites to cross the sea on dry land. (You could argue that Moses also demonstrated commitment, belief, and faith, but his actions were not necessarily courageous.)

Let’s look at these characteristics and how to use them to create what you desire.

Creation Requires Commitment

Think about something you’d like to create? Maybe you want to manifest a new car, more money, a relationship, a book deal, or a successful side hustle. How committed are you to creating that?

Commitment involves pledging or promising to do something. If you are committed, you consistently take that action.

Therefore, commitments are evidenced in actions. If you aren’t taking consistent action to bring your desire to you, then you aren’t fully committed to creating what you want.

Review the last few days, weeks, or months. How often have you done something to make your dream a reality? Do you take actions consistently…no matter what?

Action could involve visualizing your desire as manifest, going to look at cars, asking for a raise, signing up for a dating app, querying literary agents, or setting up business bank accounts.

The Universe or Source sees your lack of commitment and assumes you don’t really want to manifest what you say you desire. If you did, you’d be doing everything possible to bring it to you and taking these actions consistently and tenaciously. Do the latter, and you send a clear message about what you want and how badly you want it.

Now, consider Nachschon. He was committed. He was all in…literally and metaphorically. He kept walking into the water until he had to hold his breath and risk drowning…or God parted the sea. His commitment was evident, as was his desire. He knew what he wanted and would do whatever it took to create it.

Are you all in? Or are you standing by the sea’s edge with your toe in the water? I’m sure you realize the latter won’t help you create your desire.

You have to commit 100 percent. Then, Source says, “Oh, you mean it! Let me see how I can help.”

And the higher your commitment level, the more the Universe conspires to help you realize your dream.

Creation Requires Belief

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Do you think you are a creator? Do you believe you can manifest your desires?

And do you have faith in God, Source, Creator, Collective Consciousness, or All that Is—whatever you call “this.” Do you have faith that Source exists and will co-create with you?

Without belief in the possibility—nay, probability—of creating what you want, you send a wishy-washy message to yourself and Source. This is similar to being partially committed to creating your desires.

Basically, your beliefs contradict what you say you intend to create. You tell yourself, others, and Source, “I intend to create ____.” And then your mental chatter says, “I don’t believe I can create ___. And I don’t have faith that the Universe will create this for me or co-create it with me.”

That’s a mixed message. And that’s what Source receives. No wonder you don’t receive your desire.

Nachshon strongly believed that he needed to demonstrate to the Israelites it was safe to enter the water. He also believed that if he walked into the sea, God would perform a miracle and part the waters. He believed a miracle would happen.

Combined with Moses’ belief, the two men sent a clear message, and God responded by parting the sea. You can create your desires alone with unwavering belief.

Belief vs. Faith

Let’s look at the difference between belief and faith because they are not identical, even if used interchangeably. And if you think that Moses and Nachschon had faith…not just belief, you’d be right.

Belief is something you understand as truth. It is often defined as: an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists; something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction; trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.

Notice that the definition of belief includes faith and trust.

Faith involves trust and endures in the face of doubts. It is typically defined as: complete trust or confidence in someone or something; strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion without proof.

Notice that faith involves belief.

To create your desires, you need to believe you are a creator and can bring your dreams and desires into reality. You also need to believe in something beyond yourself and it’s creative ability. Additionally, you need faith that this creative force conspires on your behalf—if you are clear about what you want, committed to creating it, and willing to move toward it at every opportunity courageously.

You need belief and faith in things you cannot see or know intellectually to become a powerful creator in your own right. And some might say that takes courage.

Creation Requires Courage

Indeed, creation requires courage, which equates to bold action.

It’s courageous to take action without proof that it will result in a desired outcome. It’s courageous to believe in your creative ability and that of an invisible divine force without evidence. It’s also courageous to take actions that demonstrate your commitment…and to do so repeatedly, even when you see no results.

Nachschon definitely took bold action. He courageously walked into the Red Sea until the water made breathing impossible. Yet, he continued taking steps further into the water.

What bold action have you taken recently to create your desires? Any? A little? None?

We live in a physical world. Despite what many Law of Attraction experts say, you can’t only sit around and visualize your desire coming to you magically and have it show up. You also must take action—often bold action.

Only when you demonstrate commitment, belief, and courage will you be able to create what you desire. You can—and should—employ the secrets you discover about effectively using the Law of Attraction. But without these three elements, your attempts to create your desires might not achieve your desired results.

Do you have enough commitment, belief, and courage to create your desires? Tell me in a comment below. And please share this post with a friend or on social media.

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