4 Reasons You Still Haven’t Created What You Want

why you haven't created what you wantYou think you’ve tried it all—positive thoughts, creative visualization, raising your vibration, and even self-mastery techniques. But you still haven’t created what you want. You just can’t seem to manifest your desire.

And so, you are ready to throw up your hands and declare, “The Law of Attraction is a bunch of hogwash. It doesn’t work.”

I know the frustration that comes with what seems like an inability to use your innate creative ability. (Yes, we are all creators.) I’ve been there…too many times to count. And I still struggle to manifest more often than I’d like.

So what’s standing in your way (and mine)? I’ve previously answered that question from different angles here on this blog. Still, today I want to discuss four additional reasons you have not created what you say you want.

  1. You just aren’t committed enough.
  2. You don’t have enough necessity.
  3. You don’t really want it.
  4. It’s not a priority.

Positive Thoughts, Creative Visualization, and a High Vibe Aren’t Enough

“But…” you say. “I am committed and need what I want to create. And, of course, I want it, and manifesting this desire is a priority to me. Why else would I have invested so much time, effort, and money to create it consciously and deliberately?”

I hate to be the one to tell you, but…

If you were committed, felt necessity, wanted what you say you want, and made creating it a priority, you would have manifested your desire by now. So the fact that you haven’t proves that some part of this four-part equation is missing.

That is not to say that other factors aren’t at play, too. For instance, you could still be fighting for your limitations, making excuses about why you can’t create what you desire, or struggling with some aspect of self-mastery.

But let’s say none of these are the case, and you are doing all the things you have been taught to create what you want. You still wouldn’t manifest your desire if you lack commitment, necessity, desire, and prioritization of creation.

What You Have to Do to Create What You Want

If you were committed, felt necessity, wanted what you said you wanted, and had made creating it a priority, you would do some specific things.

You would make a decision.

First, you would decide that you genuinely want whatever you have chosen to create. Then, you would be 100 percent certain about your desire.

Too often, we don’t create what we want because we think we should want it or someone has told us to want it. So get past all that external stuff and figure out what you desire…deep inside.

Then, with that clarity, decide to do whatever it takes to create your desire. That decision includes being tenacious and not giving up until what you want is part of your reality.

If you haven’t made a decision…really and truly decided…you will not follow through. Instead, you will find reasons and excuses for why you still haven’t manifested your desire. And you will fight for your limitations rather than for your desire.

You would take action.

Decisions lead to action. So, once you’ve decided you truly want something and won’t give up until you create it, you must do whatever it takes to bring your desire into reality.

Action includes saying affirmations, visualizing your desire, and anything else you’ve been taught about making the Law of Attraction work. But it also includes doing whatever is required to draw what you want toward you. For example, depending on your wants, you might need to develop skills or hire a coach. Or you might need to apply for a new job, send a query letter, begin exercising, have a challenging conversation, or save $100 per month.

Additionally, you may need to take action toward a higher level of self-mastery. Or you may need to adopt a new identity to take action consistently. After all, you must be the type someone who would take the steps that create your desire.

You would act now (not later).

You would take action now. That means you would stop procrastinating or finding reasons to wait until some elusive perfect time. Your procrastination tells Source—and your mind—you haven’t really chosen to take action toward the creation of what you want. You send out a mixed message—I want it, but not enough to act now.

That causes Source to become uncertain that it should bring you what you want. You can’t attract what you desire with that mindset, behavior, or vibration.

You would move through fear.

You would take action despite any fear you feel. Sometimes procrastination is caused by fear. Basically, you find something else to do rather than the thing that is scary, uncomfortable, or unknown.

But fear can stop you from pushing the “publish” button on a blog, sending the query letter to a literary agent, telling your partner the relationship is over, or going to the gym for the first time. It keeps you jailed, but you hold the key to that cell.

Someone who wants to create something takes action despite fear. So be someone courageous—someone who takes bold action.

You would welcome discomfort.

You probably realize that taking the necessary actions to create what you want might push you out of your comfort zone. So, welcome the discomfort as a sign that you are moving toward the creation of your desire.

The type of discomfort I’m talking about is a sign of growth. It indicates that you are stretching beyond the boundaries that have previously stopped you from manifestation. As such, those aches and pains are a good thing!

And on the other side of the discomfort is the comfort of knowing you are a creator. You can manifest what you want.

You would eliminate distractions.

Distractions make it harder to create your desire. And distractions come in many forms. Yours might be the news, your job, social media, or even your family.

You can’t eliminate distractions caused by children or pets, work obligations, or health issues. However, you can learn to decrease them to focus on deliberate creation. For instance, you can ask your partner to help with the children, hire a dog walker, leave work at the office, and use your time on the treadmill to focus on your desire and how to create it.

Take an accounting of what distracts you from focusing on what you want to create. Then brainstorm ways to decrease or eliminate those distractions.

You would focus on what you want to create.

While it’s unlikely that you can focus all your attention all of the time on creating what you want, you can do a better job. For instance, your desired creation can be on your mind even when you are involved in another activity.

Right before sleep and immediately upon awakening, you can visualize your desire as already created. And you can have a vision board in your office that you gaze at for even a minute or two every few hours.

More than all of that, you can block out time on your calendar for focused creation time. Make this a priority, and then keep your commitment. And don’t allow yourself to be interrupted or distracted while involved in active creation activities.

Be a Creator

You may have realized by this point that you still haven’t created what you want because you don’t possess a high enough level of commitment, necessity, or desire and haven’t made manifesting it a priority. So what now?

Decide to be someone committed to creating what you want.

Decide to be someone who feels a high degree of necessity around creating your desire.

Decide to be someone who has enormous clarity around what they want.

Decide to be someone who makes the creation of their desire a priority.

Be that person.

Be someone who does everything that makes it possible to create what you want. Then there will be no reason for not creating what you want.

Why haven’t you created what you want? Tell me in a comment below which reason resonates with you most. And share this post on social media or with a friend.

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