Are You Looking for Blogger or Nonfiction Author Coaching?

Here are the many ways I could help you. Please click on each service to find out more or to apply.

Author Coaching

If you’re feeling frustrated, unmotivated, blocked, in need of guidance, overwhelmed, or in any way deterred by the publishing process, you need an Author Coach! Hire me as your personal Author Coach and mentor to keep you motivated, on track, positive, inspired, passionate, and moving toward achieving your dream of becoming a published author!

Author Training

Get the education you need to become a successful author. I provide my Author Training clients with a proprietary Author Training Process based on my book, The Author Training Manual. This program is the only REAL Author Training in existence today. During Author Training, you attend eight training sessions that help you achieve successful authorship and produce a marketable book.

Blog and Blog-To-Book Coaching

Do you need help learning how to blog effectively and passionately? Do you need someone to show you how to blog your book or book your blog? Create a blog that serves as your author website, an effective book-marketing tool, and a book production machine.

High Performance Writer Group Coaching

You want to become a writer. But do you write consistently? Do you publish your work? Or do you procrastinate, balk at the required tasks that go with getting published, start projects but never finish them, and allow life to get in the way of achieving your writing dreams? The majority of wannabe writers just talk about writing. Real writers . . . successful writers . . . write. They are high-performers who churn out work consistently and place it in the hands of readers. Stop talking about writing. Become a writer.

Strategy Sessions or Consultations

Do you have questions, need solutions, or want support on your writing, publishing or blogging journey? Why struggle alone? Why keep searching for answers or solutions all over the internet when you can ask an industry professional instead? No question is too simple, trivial, stupid, basic to ask. “Rent my brain” for an hour or a half hour.

The Ultimate Career Plan for Authors, Bloggers and Experts

Create your author, blogger or expert career plan from idea to brand to business. Publishing a nonfiction book typically doesn’t provide you with a ticket to success - at least not if you want a career as a successful nonfiction author, blogger or expert. To succeed in these competitive arenas, you need a career plan that includes a book - or more than one book - as well as a brand and a business.

Writing and Book Coaching

Get your book out of your head and onto the page! I support you as you map out your content, organize it into a detailed table of contents and then write your manuscript - even if you're not a writer.

Free 15-Minute Strategy Session

Do you:

  • know you can be or do more?
  • dream of living a more fulfilling life?
  • wish you could feel more spiritually connected?
  • want to make a bigger difference?

Let's chat about how to get you from where you are to where you want to go.


Sign up for a free 15-minute coaching session with me.

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