Creativity Can Charge Up Your Life in 9 Important Ways

Creativity - drive for creative expression
Human beings are creative by nature. Whether you express your creativity in the form of problem-solving, writing, cooking, painting, acting, choreography, sewing, engineering, or coding isn’t important. What matters is that you consistently activate the human drive for creative expression.

While you can activate each of the 10 human drives individually, there is a way to activate them all at once.

Just do something creative.

When you express yourself creatively, the other nine drives naturally come into play. As a result, you live more passionately, enthusiastically, joyously, and meaningfully. One creative act charges up your entire life.

Be a Creator

Imagine what it would be like to be a creator. If you consistently expressed your creativity and brought forth creations, what would your life be like? What would your days feel like? What kind of difference could you make this year—or in three or five years?

You may have figured this out, but, if you showed up every day as a creator, I’m confident your life would be charged up. You’d feel more alive.

I love watching how the members of the Inspired Creator Community transform as they focus on creative expression. Of course, I have the same experience when I write, which is my primary mode of creative expression.

Let’s look at how being a creator engages these drives.

Creativity and the Drive for Control

As you work on a creative project, you control your focus, emotion, and behavior. Your creative endeavor helps you generate happiness, excitement, and passion. You are “on purpose,” which increases your level of fulfillment. You stop worrying about the things you can’t control as you control how you show up, what you do, where you place your attention, and how you feel.

Creativity and the Drive for Competence

Even if you are learning a new creative skill, you develop competence in the doing or practice of that skill. That results in more confidence, which fuels your ability to take on new tasks and become skilled at them.

If you already have the skill to complete your creative project, the creative act brings your competence to the forefront. That means you feel confident and in control of the project and can move forward boldly.

Creativity and the Drive for Congruence

Your creativity is an expression of who you are. When you create from your authentic self, you feel congruent. Your inner and outer selves align, and you express from that place of congruence. Your creation becomes an expression of the “real you.”

Your soul asks you to create. You are a creator. Expressing creatively allows you to BE who you really are.

Creativity and the Drive for Caring

Creative expression is a caring act. When you create something—especially something that is on purpose or that you feel passionate about—you care for yourself. You do something that feeds your mind, heart, and soul.

What you create may be an act of caring for others as well. Making your husband a beautiful meal, sewing a costume for your child, writing a book that solves a common problem, or designing a bouquet for an elderly neighbor are all examples of this.

Creativity and the Drive for Connection

When you create something others can enjoy or use, you connect them to your creation as well as to you. Whatever you create and put into the world is like the connective tissue between you and others.

Plus, your creative expression connects you with your creative nature—your soul. It also connects you to the divine Creator since you have a spark of that divine creative power within.

Creativity and the Drive for Change

Anything new represents a change. That means that when you create something from nothing—bring a creation into existence where none previously existed—you become a change maker. And you activate this drive.

Creativity is often fueled by the drive to see or express differently, to find solutions and answers that didn’t exist before, to try something new, or to show something in a different light. Sometimes all that’s necessary to increase your creativity and fuel this drive is a change in the medium used for your creation—watercolors instead of oils or paper and pen instead of keyboard.

Creativity and the Drive for Challenge

Creativity often arises out of a challenge, which pushes you to think outside the box. But a new creative project is a challenge in and of itself. It requires that you stretch mentally and creatively—even physically, in some cases. That causes growth that leads to new ideas, skills, and solutions.

Rising to a creative challenge makes you feel alive, focused, purposeful, productive, and energized. It asks you to step into your best, most creative self.

Creativity and the Drive for Contribution

Most creatives create from a desire to contribute in some way. Maybe you create to give others pleasure, to be of service, or to change the world. No matter the reason, your drive to contribute fuels your creative ideas. You see unmet needs, problems, and questions as opportunities to apply your creativity.

Each time you contribute creatively, you step into greater congruence. Your creativity is on purpose and, therefore, feeds your soul.

Creativity and the Drive for Consciousness

It has been said that artists and other creatives have access to higher consciousness. It’s as if they channel information and then place it into a form the rest of us can comprehend. Whether you believe that or not, it’s likely that the process of creation offered the creator a new awareness.

That higher consciousness then impacts those that see the creation. That’s why a good book, musical composition, painting, or ballet, for instance, can profoundly change our consciousness.

The Drive for Creative Expression

Each creative action you take engages your drive for creative expression. Engage that one drive, and all the others fire up. When that happens, you get in the flow and experience a peak state.

More importantly, you step into an elevated state and feel alive. That allows you to live fully.

Knowing that, wouldn’t you agree that it’s time to engage your 10 human drives? If you are ready to charge up your life, join the Inspired Creator Community. From March-August 2021, I’ll be focused on helping members engage these drives. (And there are still a few founding member spots…but not for long!)

Do you find that your creative expression makes you feel more alive? Tell me in a comment below. (And share this post with a friend!)

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