Letting Things Go Provides a Powerful Creation Strategy

Letting things go has always felt challenging to me. This belief has confronted me daily as I’ve attempted to figure out how to give up tasks in my business to make room for my writing. I remind myself daily to see these choices in a more positive light.

“I’m not giving things up,” I tell myself. “I’m making space to receive what matters most to me and feed my soul. Plus, I’m giving myself time and space to create my desires.”

That’s not lip service. It’s the truth, even if I don’t always believe it…yet.

How You Speak About Letting Things Go

I realize now that the words I use when discussing this topic are negative. I usually say, “I have to give something up,” or “I must let it go.”

These negative statements don’t help me receive or create what I desire. In fact, they make it much harder.

Words are creative.

My words say I am being forced or forcing myself to give up something I want or like. Or I’m being made to or making myself let something go that I’d rather hang onto. That’s the energy and meaning behind such statements.

I’ve said I believe doing these things is hard, a struggle, or challenging. That’s my belief, and these statements reinforce them…and create that as my experience and truth.

I also maintain a belief that the things I need to release still serve me. In fact, they may not.

The Positive Side of Letting Go

There is a positive side to letting go. Focus on that, and you will become more able to create what you desire.

Consider the creative power of a more positive statement like:

  • “I am making space for something new or more desirable in my life.”
  • “I am making space and time to create what matters to me.”
  • “I am creating the possibility of receiving my desires.”
  • “I am releasing that which does not serve me to allow in that which does.”

There’s a different energy in those words, is there not? And Source responds to them differently as well.

Realizing this helped me change my language around letting go and, as a result, increased my energy and improved my attitude.

First Steps to Letting Go

To tackle letting go of some things in my business, I first looked at what was taking up a lot of time and not reaping the rewards. Then, I explored what tasks I disliked or felt heavy and like a chore or obligation.

Ultimately, I looked at what aspects of my business feed my soul and which ones do not.

How do you know what feeds your soul? These are the tasks you:

  • enjoy.
  • feel passion about.
  • get inspired by.
  • feel are “on purpose” or aligned.
  • deem as a contribution or service.
  • find meaningful.
  • feel excited to tackle.

Make Space for Your Creation

When I decided to give up a free monthly session for a group on social media and one blog post per month on my primary website, I opened space to create something that matters to me in place of these activities.

Specifically, I want to spend more time writing and publishing articles and books. This activity feeds my soul. And writing is both my gift and my life’s work.

I can continue doing things I thought I should or had to and feel negatively about them. Or I can let these things go so I can follow the guidance of my soul and feel happy and fulfilled.

We create what we focus on. That’s why it is essential to place your attention on creating what you desire.

I’m sure you would agree that focusing on letting go and giving up is a broken strategy. On the other hand, focusing on allowing in, receiving, and creating provides a powerful creation strategy.

Making Room for Your Creation

Let’s focus on making room for our creations. No more letting go or giving up. Just allowing in and receiving what we desire.

That doesn’t mean we make space and wait for Source to fill the void. No, we focus our attention on what we want to fill the space with and take action to help fill it with what matters to us.

Remember that Aristotle said, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Create something new in the vacuum—the empty space left after we let things go.

Indeed, in Kabbalah, the mystics teach that Source was everywhere and everything. Then, this force had the desire to create something other than itself. So, Source pulled back to create a void. And it focused its energy into the void. That’s how the universe, earth, and all the plants, animals, and humans were created.

It all happened in an empty space.

Creation requires space. That’s why the most powerful creation strategy entails letting things go. Make space for what matters to you.

Do you struggle to let things go or give them up? Please tell me in a comment below, and share this post with someone who might benefit from reading it.

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