why the universe doesn't seem to have your back

Why the Universe Does NOT Have Your Back

If you’ve hung around in any kind of metaphysical, New-Agey, woo-woo circles, you’ve probably heard the saying, “The universe has your back.” And if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I have repeated the very same words. But the saying isn’t true…not really. When someone says, “The universe has your …

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How to hear and act on intuition

Monday Inspiration: Trust Your Intuition

Have you ever gotten a feeling, one that says you should or shouldn’t do something? You don’t know where that feeling comes from, other than somewhere deep inside. That’s intuition. Do you trust your intuition? Failure to trust your intuition can lead you astray. After all, your intuition is your personal GPS system. It’s meant …

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Is Your Faith Like a Potato?

I write a lot about faith, but it’s a hard topic to discuss–to describe. People who don’t have faith can’t fathom it. Tonight, however, I watched a movie that had a great analogy for faith, albeit an unlikely one: the potato. Although Faith Like Potatoes was a bit too Christian in orientation for my tastes, …

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An Issue of Trust

Trust is an interesting thing. Once it’s gone, it’s very difficult to regain. If you lose it, it’s difficult to find. When you stop trusting someone-for whatever reason, you tend to put up a wall to protect yourself…or at least I do. Then I have to really work at letting them back in. They have …

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Trust, Trust, Trust

This is a short post to say that I will be away for the next five days in Columbus, OH, at the Aleph kallah. I hope I’ll see some of you there! (If you want to attend, mention my name and you’ll get $75 off!). I’m also writing to tell everyone to trust. Why? Because …

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Gam Zu L'Tova

I haven’t posted a bog in ages. Actually, I posted many a blog in November, just not in this blog. (Check out I was blogged out after that and couldn’t bring myself to blog in December. Now I’m not so blogged out, and I’m ready to blog again. Much has happened. My husband lost …

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